Choosing the right tie knot for you

Christensen Knot

There are dozens of different ways to tie your tie and each of them has its own unique history and quirks.  We have picked out 8 of the most popular and interesting ways to tie a tie to add to your arsenal.


1. Four In Hand

Difficulty: Low | Knot Size: Small | Symmetry: No

Four In Hand Photo

One of the most popular necktie knots due its simplicity and versatility.  This particular knot is named after a Gentleman’s Club from the 19th Century. There’s no doubt that this knot will provide you with the best look to difficulty ratio.

Four In Hand Tie Instructions

2. Half Windsor

Difficulty: Medium | Knot Size: Medium | Symmetry: No

Half Windsor Photo

As the name suggests, the Half Windsor is smaller than the Full Windsor, although just by about a third. It’s also slightly more triangular in shape and remains one of the most versatile knots out there.

Half Windsor Tie Instructions

3. Full Windsor

Difficulty: Medium | Knot Size: Medium | Symmetry: Yes

Full Windsor Photo

Slightly broader than its cousin, the Half Windsor.  Even though the Duke of Windsor never used this knot, it inherited this distinctive name because of the public imitating the Duke’s knot style.  Sometimes people also refer to it as the “Double Windsor Knot”.

Full Windsor Tie Instructions

4. Pratt

Difficulty: Low | Knot Size: Medium | Symmetry: Yes | Inverted Tail

Pratt Photo

Named after its inventor, Jerry Pratt, who worked for the US Chamber of Commerce.  It gained popularity in the 1980s when it was also referred to as the “Shelby Knot”. This medium-sized knot is versatile and elegant, sitting between a Four in Hand and a Half Windsor.

Pratt Tie Instructions

5. Oriental

Difficulty: Low | Knot Size: Small | Symmetry: Yes | Inverted Tail

Oriental Photo

One of the simplest knots out there with only a few steps to follow.  It is also called the “Simple Knot” and is popular in China.  Despite its ease of tying, it is not a self-releasing knot which means the time saved initially will be used up when taking it off.  This simple knot means that a greater length can be achieved, being more suited for taller gentlemen.

Oriental Tie Instructions

6. Onassis

Difficulty: Medium | Knot Size: N/A | Symmetry: Yes

Onassis Photo

Yes, this is really one way to wear a tie, although it is perhaps more suited for eccentric individuals.  Named after the multimillionaire Aristotle Onassis, this knot is as simple as a Four in Hand, with the additional step of looping the neck back inside and over the knot to the front.  Definitely a BIG NO NO for interviews.

Onassis Tie Instructions

7. Double Knot

Difficulty: Medium | Knot Size: Medium | Symmetry: No

Double Photo

A variation of the Four in Hand, which involves an additional layover to create a thicker knot.  Versatile enough to work with any shirt.

Double Knot Tie Instructions

8. Christensen

Difficulty: High | Knot Size: Large | Symmetry: Yes

Christensen Knot

A truly expert knot, requiring the most steps and delivers a certain wow factor at any dinner party.  It takes practice to master, but you will end up with a unique cross-pattern which will display the hard work which has gone into tying the ultimate knot.

Christensen Tie Instructions

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Stay trendy!

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