Are narrow ties just a short-term phenomenon?

Narrow Tie

Nowadays, it’s not something you can only see on the red carpet, but also on the underground or in the office:  I am talking about a narrow tie. Most ties have a width of about 5-15cm (2 to 6 inches). However the narrow tie, which is inspired by fashion trends in the 60s and 70s, is considered elegant and sophisticated, hence a must-have accessory of the modern man.  Especially in Europe, 20 to 40-year-old gentlemen favour the narrow tie.

The width of the narrow tie complements the slim waist of the wearer.  In addition, the narrow tie seems unpretentious and allows other accessories to gain some attention.  Therefore, other elements of the modern outfit have gained in importance, such as the cufflink, pocket square or even colourful socks, which become quite popular.

Men with a larger build who are a bit shorter, might look slightly odd when wearing a narrow tie.  Therefore, those individuals would still require a somewhat wider tie despite the current trend. After all, the narrow tie only represents a fashion trend which one does not need to follow blindly. Although I personally feel that it is a trend in the right direction and will last for a long time.

The most important rule of every gentlemen’s outfit is that it should be comfortable and tailored to one’s stature and personality.  Only then can one exude the level of confidence and elegance expected from the modern gentleman.

A little anecdote on the side

In the 70s there was a trend of wearing 1 cm (0.4 inches) wide ties made from leather. Those ties were also extremely short in length (i.e. hanging only half way down the shirt). Even though this was deemed as modern back in the days, we don’t view it as neither stylish nor fashionable, but rather a trend in the wrong direction.