How to care for your tie properly

Care for ties

Maintaining your ties does not need to be a time-consuming endeavour.  At least that’s the case if one pays attention to a few points.

Firstly, one should take note of the material of the tie:  A polyester tie is an everyday tie worn usually by blue collar workers – as such, the humble polyester tie is very easy to maintain and clean.  Stains can easily be removed and the tie itself can be ironed.

The sophisticated silk tie is of much higher quality, albeit at a higher price point as well.  This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill tie, but a high-quality accessory.  The silk tie carries a subtle sheen which looks highly elegant and complements the shirt.  As a material, silk is also resistant to stains and wrinkles, but requires more care.  At MAEZU, we would definitely recommend a high-quality silk tie over other “easier” alternatives.  After all, a gentleman should not wear an expensive suit with a cheap tie:  Combining a good suit with a polyester tie is therefore definitely a no go.

3 important tips for the storage, ironing and cleaning of a silk tie


  • Untie the knot every time after wearing the tie (at least daily!) That way, we can avoid annoying creases. This might become some sort of ritual which indicates to the mind when the day starts and ends.
    The best storage location is the wardrobe which protects the silk tie from sunlight, dust and humidity.  One should avoid packing the ties together but ensure enough air circulation for each tie.  We also recommend to use special tie hangers, instead of cheap plastic hangers.  When travelling, we would simply roll up the tie, beginning from the narrow end and without applying too much pressure, i.e. not making the roll too tight.


  • Ironing a silk tie should be the last resort for removing creases, as high heat might damage the silk. The best way to remove creases is to hang the tie inside the bathroom when taking a shower or bath, so that moisture can sink into the tie and remove the creasing.  If this is not an option and one has to resort to ironing, then try to put a cotton cloth or t-shirt between the iron and the silk tie to avoid direct heat exposure.  The iron should only be applied in short intervals and on the creased areas.  Another alternative is to take the tie to a professional dry cleaner, which is usually expensive for a silk tie.


  • The last option is also a way to remove tough stains. Therefore, we advise to remove smaller stains or spots using household tools, such as a cotton cloth dabbed in warm water or diluted alcohol.  There are also dedicated cleansers for silk available for purchase in most supermarkets.  In any case, one should NEVER put a tie into the washing machine as the lining can become twisted, the tie might become even more creased or completely destroyed.