Who would wear ties nowadays?

Nowadays, when people think of wearing a tie, they would think of it as a dying accessory, a remnant of ancient times.  Back it in the days, dads and grandpas would wear ties, and today it is office workers and business men who are wearing these accessories. Especially the trend displayed by some politicians and managers to omit the tie supports the story of an extinction level event faced by the tie.

The truth about the humble tie

Wrong! This is huge fallacy! The tie remains a non-replaceable, stylish component of today’s gentleman.  After all, the humble tie is still regarded as an essential accessory for various occasions. This includes weddings, interviews and other events of high importance where the dress code is an important aspect of one’s representation.  Thus, wearing a tie demonstrates the importance and respect one attributes to these events.  (Although, we will show you in future articles, how to wear ties gracefully on less formal occasions.)

This demonstrates the versatility of a tie which allows the modern man to assign a certain level of prestige and elegance to the event and oneself.   The significance of this humble accessory therefore represents not just the cherry on top of the cake, but also the very essence (or filling) of the cake itself.

That is why selecting the right tie, can enable the sophisticated man to make a statement or convey a certain meaning.  However, there are many things which can go wrong: such as wearing the tie too long or too short or choosing the wrong knot.

We will cover these basic guidelines and other important aspects of how to wear a tie in the next few articles:

Stay tuned and trendy!