Tie trends we expect in 2018 and 2019

Tie Trends 2018 2019

The tie is the style element which can be used to put the finishing touch on the overall outfit.  Especially since a suit does not offer a lot of flexibility by itself.  However, the tie is not just about being a fashion element, but also making statements.  It’s a known fact that 70% of communication is on a non-verbal basis. This means that gestures and clothing become extremely crucial for communication purposes.  For example, a gentleman with a blue tie with white stripes can give a serious impression whereas a blue tie with large white dots could turn the wearer into a clown (literally!).

The most important variations of a tie include, form (e.g. width), the knot (more details), pattern and colour.  We put together some combinations on the last two elements, colour and pattern to analyse the latest tie trends.

The Striped Tie

The striped tie is a real classic, as seen in many office settings from movies and drama series.  As long as one chooses a simple colour combination, it easily becomes an all-round tie, suitable for any occasion, no matter if it’s for work, dinner or a special event on a weekend.  It is important to note that the stripes shouldn’t appear in stark contrast to the base colour of the tie and the width of the tie should be narrower (as per the latest trends) in order to give the impression of simplicity and sophistication.

The Plain Tie

The small brother of the striped tie is the one-colour or plain tie.  Those can be seen quite often nowadays and looks formal and elegant when combined with darker colours.  This combination of a plain tie with a darker colour is most suitable for the office or visiting nice restaurants.  When using brighter colours, this changes into a more casual appearance and gives a summer vibe without losing its elegance.  This effect is also well known from light-coloured bermua shorts, which clearly scream “I’m on holiday!”.

Especially in the Summer of 2018, those bright, plain ties are very fashionable. The added benefit is that fashion trends of ties are not as short-lived as normal fashion trends and are likely to remain for a while.

Plain, black ties are only recommended for funerals or weddings or certain black tie events.  Unless one wants to join the Blues Brother or is a Jazz musician – then a classic pair of sun glasses shouldn’t be missing either.

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The Dotted Tie

Besides the last two “mainstream” types, there are also dotted ties.  The rule here is, the smaller the dots and the better the colours complement each other, the more stylish the look.  Most often, white dots are used for dotted ties.  On the other extreme, it can easily become a clown’s accessory.

The Patterned Tie

The last main category belongs to the patterned tie.  These ties have an eye-catching effect and are especially useful to attract attention, such as at job interviews or weddings.  However, we recommend a discreet pattern in order not to stand out too much.  For example, white or silver patterned ties are well suited for weddings and can be worn by the groom (with Italian fair).  A geometric pattern is helpful for job interviews, as such ties communicate order and structure.  But again, the sophisticated gentleman has to make sure that it is a discreet pattern, as the rule of thumb is: More is less!  Otherwise, one will end up looking like a badly dressed politician, with deer or cows pattern on the tie, appearing rather unprofessional to the audience.  However, we can recommend this extreme patterns for stag parties, as a funny gift or at a carnival.

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