The manifold ways to wear a pocket square

Dunaway Fold

Once you have made the important decision to bring your A-Game to an upcoming event, interview or date, the next step is to choose the fold of your liking.  There is no hard rule here and we suggest a fold which matches the occasion in terms of the formality level.  Also keep in mind that certain folds will bring out the patterns of colours of your square in a different manner.

Without further ado, we present to you nine different ways to fold your pocket squares. From the simplest, but classic & elegant ones to more complicated & sophisticated folds.

1. The Presidential Fold
Presidential Fold

A classic, clean fold, also known as the Flat Fold.  Understated elegance for the most formal of events.
Presidential Fold Steps

2. The One Point Fold
One Point Fold

A quick fold combining simplicity with a slight touch of formality
One Point Fold Steps

3. The Two Point Fold
Two Point Fold

A twist to the One Point Fold by tilting the back layer slightly from the centre.  A favourite amongst working professionals.
Two Point Fold Steps

4. The Three Point Fold
Three Point Fold

Slightly flashier, this fold works for both business and casual occasions
Three Point Fold Steps

5. The Four Point Fold
Four Point Fold

Ramping up the complexity level. An advanced fold best suited for stiffer fabric
Four Point Fold Steps

6. The Scallop Fold
Scallop Fold

For those who want to be extraordinary, more suited for softer fabric and casual occasions
Scallop Fold Steps

7. The Puff Fold
Puff Fold

Representing the “chilling” gentleman.  Definitely not formal, but more than chic and fairly easy
Puff Fold Steps

8. The Winged Puff Fold
Winged Puff Fold

Despite the similarity in name, the folding technique couldn’t be more different.  Works best with fine silk pocket squares and is on the compact side
Winged Puff Fold Steps

9. The Dunaway Fold
Dunaway Fold

An impressive fold which requires a bit of practice to master. A cousin of the Puff Fold but requires inverting the shape in the last step.  A talking point at any event!
Dunaway Fold Steps


Now that you have mastered all nine different ways to fold a pocket square, you will never look at this simple men’s accessory in the same light again!

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Stay trendy!

Your MAEZU Team