The creation of MAEZU began with our dissatisfaction with the price to quality ratio of today’s major brands which charge high mark-ups to compensate for massive marketing expenditures and expensive rents in prime locations. Our team of old high-school and university buddies across Germany, London and Hong Kong set out to combine our international experience to source high-quality material and apply design inspirations from both the East and West to bring affordable, luxury accessories to a sophisticated audience. Our mission is to share our knowledge and research with anyone who is interested to learn more about lifestyle choices for the modern man. We are striving towards the promotion of individuality, exploration of innovative concepts and being open to global trends while maintaining a refined level of traditional elegance. MAEZU is ultimately a tribute to our heritage: “Männer Zubehör” is the German term for Men’s accessories and we have taken a playful approach to create a brand name with an Asian nuance which reflects our personal stories as individuals.